Here at PhoneyFresh I share my weirdo interests, including (but not limited to): Garage sale and dumpster treasures, vintage magazine innards, glorious VHS trash, forgotten LP covers, self help schlock, vexing vixens, my kitschy kollekshuns and oh, so much more. Ninety-nine percent of the content you see here is from my own collection. Scanned by me, photographed by me, etc. No low-res Google search globby jpeg junk here folks! Dig!

Apr 28, 2011

Poster EXPLOSION....and Cool Hippy Gear!

It's a darn shame you can't get cool gear like this anymore, at least not this cheap! I'll bet you anything that there is a warehouse full of this new/old stock somewhere just rotting away.

I a little puzzled by this seemingly unlicensed Zappa poster. What did he do that begs forgiveness? Maybe they didn't mean for it to be Zappa, like he's just a representation that ALL men need to be forgiven for the dumb crap they do? Hahahaa!

I'd love to have this mega sized op-art poster to gaze into. It would probably make me go blind...

Advertisement from Co-Ed magazine, March 1971.

Apr 26, 2011


New Phoney...

You may have noticed (but probably not) the Phoney Fresh blog topper has changed a little. First off, I found an even hipper van complete with galactic scenery to replace the old one. Secondly, the logo is based on the one from Truckin' magazine in the early 80's, in case you wondered (but probably didn't). That font was a pain in the butt to find too, I tell ya!

Apr 25, 2011

The Lost Arts...

Where have all the custom vans gone? There seemed to be no shortage in the 70's and 80's....probably gone to scrap heaps, every one. I suppose man hasn't lost his desire to customize, what with the plethora of, dare I say, "pimped out" rides cruising the streets this day and age. But it just isn't the same. Vinyl wraps, LCD screens and LED light just don't hold a candle to porthole windows, deep shag carpet and wood veneer. And who could forget the paint job? Those amazingly airbrushed fantasy scenes of wizards, cosmic beings, other-worldly creatures, space babes, hobbits, barbarians and wide-stretching galaxies. It's a lost art my friends.

Apr 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Look at these little weirdos frolic along the rolling hills of green! No fair! It's still freeeezing here in Michigan. Will spring ever come????

Apr 18, 2011


While you're drifting around the blog-iverse, be sure to zoom over to my friend CC's place at
I've been long over do to send you her wayyyy!

While you're there, you can read about CC's adventures (and misadventures) in:

Treasure Huntin'
Bike Pedalin'
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and More!

A sooper fun time is guaranteed for all!

This Week In Finds #5

There were three really great estate sales in my town this past weekend and, despite my battles with a mustachioed hipster weeny boy, I managed to score some decent loot!

A couple more Dream Pets for my recent collection. I was pretty thrilled to find the St. Bernard with his cool hat and barrel collar. The other guy is both a Dream pet knock-off and an apparent Snoopy Knock-off. I don't recall Snoopy ever wearing thick-rimmed glasses and a plaid bow....I also need to find him a nose!

I've been wanting to get some more 45 cases lately, but didn't feel like paying $20 (and sometimes more!) for one on Ebay. Luckily I found a couple of great ones for El Cheapo. The jean Platter Pak is my new fave, the other I'll stick on the 'bay and get myself a little piece o' the action!

A couple jugs for my mini-jug/hillbilly collection.

I found oodles of great mags and comics too. There is tons of cool junk hidin' inside these babies, plenty to share here later!!!

A few neato buttons. "Cavalier Power" is a 70's pin from my old high school in Corunna, MI. The "Patriots" pin has moving eyeballs! I'm not sure if "Pepper Power' is referring to Dr. Pepper or not, but just plain peppers are cool too.

A friend of my mom's hooked me up with these happenin' shades!

A devil dragster by Hot Wheels, a Jaguar D-type by Tootsietoy, a Capn' Crunch Whistle and a Mattel major Matt Mason helmet. I snagged three of these helmets, which fetch between $20-30 on Ebay! I guess kids always lost 'em! 

The whistle has a pretty funny story: This guy John Draper, a Vietnam Vet, used the whistle to hack phone lines in the early 70's and make free long distance calls! The whistle produces a 2600 hertz tone used by the phone companies in them days to open lines for long distance calls to go through. Draper later developed "blue boxes" which could produce many different tones to fool the phone lines.

Some Andy Capp books. I was surprised to find out that this dude has been around since 1917! Damn, I love them Cheddar Fries too....

This 70's custom van model was my coolest find of the weekend, and at $6, my most expensive. Not bad really, seeings how it's still sealed in plastic. Unfortunately, I have no talent or patience for building models, but it will look cool on a shelf!

Apr 17, 2011

Some 60's Comics

I picked up a lotta groovy loot this week at a few estate sales, so I have a ton of new stuff to share! Here's a couple of the comics I bought:

Banana Splits #1 from 1969

 The Adventures of Bob Hope #96 from 1966. Seriously, even Bob Hope had a comic? I couldn't pass up these groovy ghoulies!

Apr 15, 2011

Lemon Peeler!

For CC...

Schwinn bicycle ad from Boys Life Magazine, July 1968

Please, no chicken jokes!

Colonel Sanders on the cover of Laugh-In Magazine, March 1969

Apr 2, 2011

Phoney Fresh: Now on the World Wide Web!

Just a note from the Phoney Fresh Computer Center Corporate offices: Thanks to all of my loyal followers and friends who have helped get this blog running again the last few months! Please help spread the word to your friends in the blogging world. I hate to post all these ground breaking finds, only to go virtually unnoticed! All comments and input is welcome, and feel free to repost any of my material as long as you link back here.

Great things are still in the works, including lots more video trash and audio snippets soon. If you've just found us, be sure to check out some of our older posts too! They don't suck!

Be sure to visit our new Computer Center location in Roanoke, West Virginia!

Them Damn Drug Dealers

From the Phoney Fresh VHS archives: A tour of the hood with Bull's Eye, some minors attempt an illegal purchase, a young girl struggles with flat chested-ness, and another totally kick ass bass solo. This ones for my man Pie Face, in lock down, big baller style.

Heino LP Covers

Heino is like the German albino Elvis. He sings popular music (Schlager) and traditional Volksmusik with a super-scary deep bass voice. Beside the fact that they look really cool, you'll never see him without his shades either since he has humongous bulging eyeballs! I had originally heard of Heino by way of singer Beck,  who borrowed one of Heino's album covers for his own "Steve Threw Up" single in 1994. Years later I spotted one of his LP's at a thrift store, and soon became obsessed with finding more. The music contained within is pretty darn good if you ask me, but Heino's true masterpieces are the jacket covers themselves. How does he maintain that same deadpan glazed face on every cover, especially when he is sitting there with a mess of poodles? It's the work of true genius! 

Sooo, here they are now for you to enjoy, marvel at, and possibly have nightmares about.

 My first Heino find. While he does have a sweet look going, he hasn't yet mastered his craft...

 Here's the cover Beck swiped in '94, and with good reason. It rules.

Again with the brown leather jacket, and poodle dogs descending in shade! Amazing, but the best is yet to come.

This is the man's magnum opus. Brown leather swapped for bad-ass black. The widest lapels and bell bottoms known to man. Cheesy poodles swapped for tear-your-ass-open German Shepard's. And finally, gleaming rays of heavenly light ascending upon the him, as if God was saying "This Heino, is your finest hour." And it is.

This Week In Finds #4

I haven't had one of these updates in a while mostly because I really haven't been buying much lately. Now that my tax wealth is spent, I guess i have to be a little more selective, and stay the heck off Ebay! I did pick up some cool stuff at some estate sales recently though. It was the month of Dream Pets!

I don't know what you call these dudes, but they were worth a buck a piece I guess. They did need some HEAVY grooming, hahaha! I need to paint in the eyeballs on the green fella too.

 Here are some Holiday friends. I think the Valentines girl might have been holding a big heart or something. I think she looks uncannily like Carol Channing! My mom found the funny lil leprechaun in a pile of junk on St. Patrick's day!

 I dug this old phone out of a dumpster, still needs some cleaning up, but it looks cool. I really dig the avocado color.

 This pink poodle appears to be a knock-off Dream Pet. She is made of Naugahyde like material, rather than velveteen like the real ones. I also picked up these cool 60's joke books.

 This skunk is a genuine Dream Pet. He needed a little TLC, but is lookin' gooood now!

I'm gonna have tons of new junk to display this Christmas, including a new knee-hugger, this Dream Pet reindeer, and these awesome Christmas 45's from the 50's! My, how the Chipmunks have changed...