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Apr 18, 2011


While you're drifting around the blog-iverse, be sure to zoom over to my friend CC's place at
I've been long over do to send you her wayyyy!

While you're there, you can read about CC's adventures (and misadventures) in:

Treasure Huntin'
Bike Pedalin'
Treat Makin'
Pizza Box Paintin'
and More!

A sooper fun time is guaranteed for all!


Colleen E. Conrad said...

WHOA! Thanks a bunch, ol buddy, ol pal!
I like the photo set up ya have going on here!

phoneyfresh said...

I'm sure more people come to my blog from yours than vice-versa, but I figured I owed ya a plug since you're always doin' me solids!

Amber Von Felts said...


Colleen E. Conrad said...

Tone! I checked my stats a few days ago & I have a bunch coming from your way! There must be a bunch of ghosts floating through!

Hahaha,AW AMBER right back at cha! <3

Colleen E. Conrad said...

WOah, did you add that space scene on your van dude? Now THATS a sweet ride. :)

phoneyfresh said...

Yeah, I think there are a lotta ghosties floating through our pages!

That's actually a different van, and logo. I have a buncha sweet van pics coming tomorrow! Out of this world, man!