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Feb 20, 2011

This Week In Finds: Week #2

Lately I've been mostly interested in collecting two things: Hillbilly stuff and Risqué Barware stuff. Most of this weeks purchases fit right into those categories. I don't know why I'm so attracted to these things. I guess it's the low brow sense of humor they are made with and the chinsy craftsmanship above all. This is the kind of stuff I remember my Grandparents having high up on shelves when I was a kid and watching all the grownups get a kick out of 'em. I like to imagine somebody bought this junk at some second rate novelty store as a gag gift for a buddy at work back in the 70's or something...

 This ashtray was an Ebay purchase. Her nips are actually sparkly rubies.

 I have another cup that's very similar to this one. I've seen lots of variations of these on Ebay and hope to get a couple more soon.

 Here are more cups in the same style. These ones are miniature size.

 Found this here hillbilly boy at the antique mall on Monday. It was worth the $5 since I've been looking so hard for some of these dudes lately.

The guy in the center is very similar to the other hillbilly, but I think he's missing his hair, beard and hat. i haven't decided if I wanna try to make some up for him or leave him alone since he does look pretty funny without 'em! The little salt and pepper shaker jugs were a present from some pals and are a great addition to my mini jug collection!

I actually have a bunch of this type of stuff that I will share when my collection gets a little more impressive. If anybody out there has any Hillbilly or Nudie items they wanna unload, let me know!

Feb 19, 2011


80's Locker Poster

Look at all that nostalgia! Paul Stanley? Domino Sugar? I can't tell if this is a boys locker or a girl's....I mean there's pink clothes and a Teen magazine, but a dumbbell and shaving creme too? Appears to be made by the Russ company, famous for Russ Trolls.

MOVIE NITE: The Severed Arm

Feb 17, 2011

1960's Bible Quizzers

The Lord of the Vans

Check out this custom Lord of the Rings van! What I wouldn't give.....

Feb 16, 2011


When I was just a wee little tike, my favorite food on earth was Chef Boy-ar-dee Ravioli. Whenever my folks gave me the choice of what I wanted for my birthday dinner, I always chose this stuff (much to their dismay), even into my teen years! Nowadays it pretty much grosses me out though, hahahaaa!

Freak Out, U.S.A

"....This is a Copyrighted term, those of you out there who might be planning to use the word "Freak Out" in conjunction with some business- naughty, naughty. We'll sue you to death. A magazine was about to go onto the market called Freak Out, U.S.A. and they have received a telegram saying 'cease and desist you fools because it will cost you a great quantity of money'..." -Frank Zappa interview, 1967

Frank is referring to the Mothers of Invention's 1966 album titled "Freak Out" and the sudden interest and overuse of the phrase in popular culture. Frank claims to have coined the phrase, which we now use in our everyday vernacular.

So here is Freak Out, U.S.A.- which oddly enough features an interview with Zappa. The publication was very short lived ( I think only two issues), but is a really cool, if cheesy, document of the music scene at the time. I, being a huge Zappa fan (although he can be an a-hole at times) couldn't pass this up.

Like I said, I'm a huge Zappa fan, more specifically the stuff featuring the original Mothers of Invention line-up. They were the freakiest, ugliest, greasiest, weirdest group of the time and that's my bag folks. This collage mimics the style used by Zappa and frequent collaborator Cal Schenkel on the early Mothers LP sleeves.

And the interview itself is quite telling as Zappa explains his anti-drug philosophy and the true meaning of "freaking out"

These are the Fugs who, like the Mothers, were also very greasy, grimy and weird.  I love this dude's custom army coat! I'm working on spiffing one up my self...

Super cool posters! Notice the Jefferson Airplane's the same one I spotted (see last post) at the Antique Mall the other day!

Feb 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Antiquing Fun!

On Valentines Day I took a trip with my pals Andy and CC to a crazy junk store and a nifty antique mall. While the junk store craziness I will save for another day, here are pics of some of the cool stuff I saw at the antique mall in Williamston, MI. This place was chock full of far out stuff with far out prices to match, so it's more like visiting a museum of  pop culture history than anything. A boy can dream though!

Spin these glasses around and you can see their tushes (and sometimes more)! Unfortunately these were locked up and strategically placed so I didn't have the pleasure.

I kinda liked these Florida guys. I have a fondness for any kind of  vintage souvenirs anyway.

My Grandpa made me a clock exactly like this when I was a little tike. I think it was a kit that you put together yourself. Unfortunately mine broke and I really don't know whatever happened to it. This one brought back good memories.

......And this brought nightmares!

Wowza. These naughty amateur photos were also locked up tight, and cost $15 a pop!

Alrighty then...

Ooh La La!

These original 60's psychedelic concert posters had me drooling all over myself. They were only about $1000 dollars each. Think I'll go pick one up when I get my allowance.

Andy and Colleen stopped to pose by the King Kone stand in Perry, MI on the way home. It was just a teeny bit cold out!

I really didn't find much that day, I did nab one little treasure that I'll share at the end of the week, but all in all I had a lotta fun looking for treasures and hanging with my buds on Valentines day!

Of Interest to Men...

Ads from For Men Only magazine, 1972.

I hope he isn't "about town" wearing nothing but these, and if he is, thank God they're only "almost invisible"

I had no idea a chest rug was so desirable, nor was I aware of the power it holds. No wonder I'm a total failure as a "Make-out Artist".

Apparently he didn't send in a sample of his own hair, the dufus is a total mis-match! And anyone who doesn't spring the extra two bucks for the "Deluxe Van Dyke" is a damn fool!

Emphasis on "BOILS"

Once you have "Improved" your measurements, an "Unusual" undergarment will be exactly what you need.

Obviously meat head here doesn't know that women dig guys with hairy chests!