Here at PhoneyFresh I share my weirdo interests, including (but not limited to): Garage sale and dumpster treasures, vintage magazine innards, glorious VHS trash, forgotten LP covers, self help schlock, vexing vixens, my kitschy kollekshuns and oh, so much more. Ninety-nine percent of the content you see here is from my own collection. Scanned by me, photographed by me, etc. No low-res Google search globby jpeg junk here folks! Dig!

Feb 8, 2007

FOUND: Possible Screen Names

A friend of mine found this list her teenage brother made of possible screen names. Hilarious! Why do you think he felt it necessary to include a list of "stupid" names?

So, You're Single....

Man I wish I had that guitar! I'll bet she does'nt even know how to play.

A thrilling and joyfull adventure? Yeah right, I hate being single. I wish I had a girl to smooch right now.

Feb 3, 2007

"Superstar Recording" Tape

"Superstar Recording Studios" are these booths at amusement parks like Six Flags and Cedar Point where you can sing along to your favorite songs karaoke style and get a souvenir cassette to take home. I don't know If they still have these or not.

Andy found this tape at a thrift store for me. Recorded at Cedar Point in Sanduky Ohio, this is Michele and Tina's version of the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right", dating this to probably mid to late 80's. A really great and funny find! I love the banter going on at the end of the song.

Groovy Shirt

I cut this out of a book some years ago. This pic reminds me of the Land 'O' Lakes butter girl.

Christian Songbooks

Groovy Christian songbook covers from early 70's. Geared to the youth audience of the Jesus movement. Thanks Andy fer finding these for a man!

FOUND: Computer Fun!

For a couple years now, I've been collecting what are called "found" items. Things like photos, notes, grocery lists etc. that are found on the street, at thrift stores, in the trash and other places normal people avoid. I'm gonna start sharing these beauties here for you all to enjoy!

Here's my most recent find, a photo I call "Computer Fun". Judging by the boxiness of the computer, the floppy disks on the desk and the clothes on these kids this is most likely late 80's to early 90's. I wonder what they're playing? Mom wonders too. "My turn! My turn!"

Feb 1, 2007

Pop Today

Used Library book about 70's music. That's the guy from Slade I was talking about in the last post .

Love and Romance Comics, 1971

I think the same thing to myself all the time.

Wasn't that red headed guy in Slade?

We've all had this happen. So embarrassing!

Remember the Rolling Stones "Some Girls" cover?