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Feb 3, 2007

"Superstar Recording" Tape

"Superstar Recording Studios" are these booths at amusement parks like Six Flags and Cedar Point where you can sing along to your favorite songs karaoke style and get a souvenir cassette to take home. I don't know If they still have these or not.

Andy found this tape at a thrift store for me. Recorded at Cedar Point in Sanduky Ohio, this is Michele and Tina's version of the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right", dating this to probably mid to late 80's. A really great and funny find! I love the banter going on at the end of the song.


dedtony said...

I remember those booths being in the malls in Wichita...They were loud as hell, booming all through the place with some amateurs butchering some lame radio song of the day...hahaha...Geez, do I read as bitter much? Yup, I do...I was one of those broke fools that hung with my equally broke friends at the mall constantly...hahaha...One of my memories of those singing-booths was the continuous stream of people that'd either be singing that "Play me some mountain music..." song by Alabama (at least I'm pretty sure it was Alabama) and also "The Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston...I'm pretty sure the booth had a limited selection of tracks to choose from...

Cheryl Gross said...

Do they have the Superstar Studio at Cedar Point?