Here at PhoneyFresh I share my weirdo interests, including (but not limited to): Garage sale and dumpster treasures, vintage magazine innards, glorious VHS trash, forgotten LP covers, self help schlock, vexing vixens, my kitschy kollekshuns and oh, so much more. Ninety-nine percent of the content you see here is from my own collection. Scanned by me, photographed by me, etc. No low-res Google search globby jpeg junk here folks! Dig!

May 25, 2011

PhoneyFresh on ETSY!!!

Well, I've started a very meek Etsy shop so I can pawn off some of my excess kitsch to the world! I have far too much of this stuff so I need to ditch those items I have grown tired of or just can't find a place for. Truthfully I just wanna make a little extra cash so's I can buy things I reeeeeelly NEED! I am new to this biz, so be gentle you Etsy old timer's out there. There ain't much to look at yet, but maybe you'll find something you can't live without, eh?

Here's a few pics of some of the stuff I have, have already sold, and haven't got around to listing yet...

May 10, 2011

Panasonic Crazy Color Portables

For Amber at I Heart Everything

Advertisement from Co-ed Magazine, 1971

Pulp Babes

May 9, 2011

For leisurely reading...

Juvenile Delinquency: Concepts and Control, 1973

May 5, 2011

Holy Shish Kabob!

Girl stuff from Co-ed Magazine, April 1971

 Seriously, those are some mighty big ham hunks! The fact that the previous owner felt the need to repeatedly express her love for Rob all over this cover makes it all the more interesting.