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Feb 15, 2011

Of Interest to Men...

Ads from For Men Only magazine, 1972.

I hope he isn't "about town" wearing nothing but these, and if he is, thank God they're only "almost invisible"

I had no idea a chest rug was so desirable, nor was I aware of the power it holds. No wonder I'm a total failure as a "Make-out Artist".

Apparently he didn't send in a sample of his own hair, the dufus is a total mis-match! And anyone who doesn't spring the extra two bucks for the "Deluxe Van Dyke" is a damn fool!

Emphasis on "BOILS"

Once you have "Improved" your measurements, an "Unusual" undergarment will be exactly what you need.

Obviously meat head here doesn't know that women dig guys with hairy chests!

1 comment:

Amber Von Felts said...

Ugh! That last guy looks like an invisible bowling ball is hitting him in the gut! ---Reminds me of Rocky from RHPS, I'm Janet..."I don't like men with too many muscles" Hah hah!