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Feb 20, 2011

This Week In Finds: Week #2

Lately I've been mostly interested in collecting two things: Hillbilly stuff and Risqué Barware stuff. Most of this weeks purchases fit right into those categories. I don't know why I'm so attracted to these things. I guess it's the low brow sense of humor they are made with and the chinsy craftsmanship above all. This is the kind of stuff I remember my Grandparents having high up on shelves when I was a kid and watching all the grownups get a kick out of 'em. I like to imagine somebody bought this junk at some second rate novelty store as a gag gift for a buddy at work back in the 70's or something...

 This ashtray was an Ebay purchase. Her nips are actually sparkly rubies.

 I have another cup that's very similar to this one. I've seen lots of variations of these on Ebay and hope to get a couple more soon.

 Here are more cups in the same style. These ones are miniature size.

 Found this here hillbilly boy at the antique mall on Monday. It was worth the $5 since I've been looking so hard for some of these dudes lately.

The guy in the center is very similar to the other hillbilly, but I think he's missing his hair, beard and hat. i haven't decided if I wanna try to make some up for him or leave him alone since he does look pretty funny without 'em! The little salt and pepper shaker jugs were a present from some pals and are a great addition to my mini jug collection!

I actually have a bunch of this type of stuff that I will share when my collection gets a little more impressive. If anybody out there has any Hillbilly or Nudie items they wanna unload, let me know!


cc said...

HA! That last guy is so funny! I saw a real life man that looks just like him one time at Benny's Donuts.

phoneyfresh said...

Oh I believe that. He looks just like a guy from Benny's! By the way, would you happen to have a small chunk of fur (anything but white)I can use to fashion him some hair?

Amber Von Felts said...

I love that you collect HILLBILLY stuff!!! I grew up kinda hillbilly myself, and loved it. I always send my Mom outhouse themed stuff, cuz she still has an outhouse on her farm! I will keep my eyes peeled for ya! As for the nudie girls, I'm all over that genre its every (wo)man for themselves!

Petro B Pettson said...

When I was little, I found one of those naked girl mugs in my grandma's garage. She had painted it and given it to my grandpa in the 50s or 60s...She painted pubes on it and everything. I think it got tossed, along with some other cool stuff, when she died.