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Apr 18, 2011

This Week In Finds #5

There were three really great estate sales in my town this past weekend and, despite my battles with a mustachioed hipster weeny boy, I managed to score some decent loot!

A couple more Dream Pets for my recent collection. I was pretty thrilled to find the St. Bernard with his cool hat and barrel collar. The other guy is both a Dream pet knock-off and an apparent Snoopy Knock-off. I don't recall Snoopy ever wearing thick-rimmed glasses and a plaid bow....I also need to find him a nose!

I've been wanting to get some more 45 cases lately, but didn't feel like paying $20 (and sometimes more!) for one on Ebay. Luckily I found a couple of great ones for El Cheapo. The jean Platter Pak is my new fave, the other I'll stick on the 'bay and get myself a little piece o' the action!

A couple jugs for my mini-jug/hillbilly collection.

I found oodles of great mags and comics too. There is tons of cool junk hidin' inside these babies, plenty to share here later!!!

A few neato buttons. "Cavalier Power" is a 70's pin from my old high school in Corunna, MI. The "Patriots" pin has moving eyeballs! I'm not sure if "Pepper Power' is referring to Dr. Pepper or not, but just plain peppers are cool too.

A friend of my mom's hooked me up with these happenin' shades!

A devil dragster by Hot Wheels, a Jaguar D-type by Tootsietoy, a Capn' Crunch Whistle and a Mattel major Matt Mason helmet. I snagged three of these helmets, which fetch between $20-30 on Ebay! I guess kids always lost 'em! 

The whistle has a pretty funny story: This guy John Draper, a Vietnam Vet, used the whistle to hack phone lines in the early 70's and make free long distance calls! The whistle produces a 2600 hertz tone used by the phone companies in them days to open lines for long distance calls to go through. Draper later developed "blue boxes" which could produce many different tones to fool the phone lines.

Some Andy Capp books. I was surprised to find out that this dude has been around since 1917! Damn, I love them Cheddar Fries too....

This 70's custom van model was my coolest find of the weekend, and at $6, my most expensive. Not bad really, seeings how it's still sealed in plastic. Unfortunately, I have no talent or patience for building models, but it will look cool on a shelf!


Colleen E. Conrad said...

I can't believe we actually have competition our age now? A scene boy? This sickens me. What kind of stuff was he grabbin at? He didn't even look like kinda a cool dude who could join our team at least? Blast it all!

You found lots of neat stuff! That space helmet is cool, can't believe it's going for that much! Doggies are cutie tootie too! :)

Wonder when the next hot whammin' sales are?

phoneyfresh said...

He looked like a young Mr. McFeely. He was one of those crisp clean hipsters. He talked like a pansy ass and was texting the whole time we were in line. I think he cheated to get in sooner too! He was grabbin up a bunch of cool space age toys and a Matt Mason Captain Lazer doll. It was a crazy sale though, so many big fat old broads blockin' me in! If I had a couple hondo, I woulda just been grabbin' like wild!!!

oh there will be plenty more sales, 'tis the season!!!

Amber Von Felts said...

Damn! That must have been a HOly Grail Sale! I think your white Dreampet guy is Mr. Peabody from the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show. Google him and see if there is a resemblance. I almost fell offa my seat when I saw the denim 45 case...Its the same pattern as my portable record player! Saaaaweeeet! I'm super stoked on the magazines too. Please share the goodness within! As far as your hipster goes, I had a similar nemesis a few years back with an Asian hipster from Los Angeles comin into our beach town (which has wicked good thrift stores) and buying up vintage clothes buy the armload! He had big hands with long fingers (the better to grab clothes with) and I unflattering refereed to him as Monkey Fingers. If I'd see him at one shop, I'd run across the street before he got to the next...I know he was reselling down in LA! Screw those guys!

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Hahhah I love these descriptions guys!
"Young crisp texting Mr. McFeely" "Asian with long monkey fingers"
These sound like real comic book bad guys! You guys should draw em up in comic style :)

Ooooh I bet Los Angeles is a dream for mcm stuff, although I bet more people are into it, eh?

Ol McFeely was grabbin' space dudes? MAN!
They're probably all ebayed out now!