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Apr 2, 2011

This Week In Finds #4

I haven't had one of these updates in a while mostly because I really haven't been buying much lately. Now that my tax wealth is spent, I guess i have to be a little more selective, and stay the heck off Ebay! I did pick up some cool stuff at some estate sales recently though. It was the month of Dream Pets!

I don't know what you call these dudes, but they were worth a buck a piece I guess. They did need some HEAVY grooming, hahaha! I need to paint in the eyeballs on the green fella too.

 Here are some Holiday friends. I think the Valentines girl might have been holding a big heart or something. I think she looks uncannily like Carol Channing! My mom found the funny lil leprechaun in a pile of junk on St. Patrick's day!

 I dug this old phone out of a dumpster, still needs some cleaning up, but it looks cool. I really dig the avocado color.

 This pink poodle appears to be a knock-off Dream Pet. She is made of Naugahyde like material, rather than velveteen like the real ones. I also picked up these cool 60's joke books.

 This skunk is a genuine Dream Pet. He needed a little TLC, but is lookin' gooood now!

I'm gonna have tons of new junk to display this Christmas, including a new knee-hugger, this Dream Pet reindeer, and these awesome Christmas 45's from the 50's! My, how the Chipmunks have changed...


Colleen E. Conrad said...

Hot Lava couch!

Your dream pets are a dream. I hope I find some soon too! I think I love skunks, that skunk of yours is so cute with its little tongue stickin out hehe.

Amber Von Felts said...

Oh man, I love the fuzzy dudes! I had one that looked like a giant pom pom guy (the kind with antennas) I got rid of him a few years back along with a Naugahyde penguin. Man I hate myself for doing that! All your pets are really great.