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Mar 14, 2011

Virtual VHS

I have always been fascinated by these weird "virtual" VHS tapes thet allow you to be transported into another world or even bring things like fish tanks and fireplaces right into your living room through the modern miracle of the VCR. Though they are dreadfully boring to watch (uh I guess maybe they weren't meant to be watched for entertainment, heh), they are a cool concept that didn't really carry over to the DVD age.

Yikes, look how fat those cats are getting sitting there watching TV all day! i saw one of these tapes for dogs once that had footage of food, fire hydrants and mail men. I kick myself for not buying it!

She's thinking "Dammit, I forgot to hit play! Now I gotta get up, walk back over there...."

This pamphlet came in the Video Fireplace box. As if you probably didn't shell out enough bread for this tape, they want you to buy wood scented incense for "added dimension". I do wanna check out the Video Kaleidoscope though!

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