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Mar 24, 2011

Cowboy Auditions

More crap from the Phoney Fresh VHS archives. A touching moment with Garth, Gospel singing cowboys and dogs, Billy Ray marvels at the wonder of the "Achy Breaky", floppin boobies and power washers. Tell your Aunt Louise, tell anyone you please.
(Enjoy it while it lasts, Youtube has already disabled some of my vids!)


Amber Von Felts said...! Were to start?

Mr. Garth Brooks: There is nothing more insincere, than someone acting out a monologue of their sincere thoughts. It was however, epic.

To the Bible thumpin' furries band:
You can't get to heaven in a 'lectric chair! OMG!! Was that for children??

Mr. Billy Ray: Your mullet will forever be the King of Mullets! That song reminds me of when I was a young teenager and had to move from Baltimore MD to B.F.E. backwoods Ohio. The pregnant hirls in the locker room were belting out "Achy Breaky Heart" I cried for my old home that night!

To the Nekkid Ladies Band: You are the saving grace of this compilation. Proving once again that boobies always save the day! I just don't get why you were all wearing BMX gloves while "playing" your instruments?

This compilation was fantastic, I'm glad I got to see it before you tube pulled it!

phoneyfresh said...

Ha, yeah, it does dampen the sincerity, doesn't it! My favorite moment is when his head is lined up with the cow's ass!

"....a stradegy meeting about how they were gonna handle the release of Billy Ray Cyrus..." does he really refer to himself in the third person?! Gosh, sorry to rustle up such terrible memories, btw. Sounds like my school.

I was puzzled about the gloves too, i guess they thought they looked dumb wearing nothing but bikini bottoms and handkerchiefs? You should see the rest of the video, topless pig's sick stuff.

I think the vid will stay up as long as no butthole reports it. The video they took down didn't even have nudity.