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Mar 23, 2011

Carrot Top's Junk In the Trunk

I was pretty excited to find this forgotten document of "dork humor" peering at me from the Salvation Army shelves the other day. Like Gallagher before him, Carrot top was a master prop comic. He's also the epitome of over the top pseudo-hippie 90's style. It's a shame that he has transformed into a nightmarish, plastic-surgery-gone-wrong, muscle bound 'roid freak. A damn shame. The book itself is full of zany pics of Carrot Top demonstrating his goofy gadgets, many of which reference insanely outdated pop culture icons. I still can't believe the original cover price on this of  $15.00! Sheeesh!


Amber Von Felts said...

I saw him doing a cameo on some show and he looked like a circus clown! I immediately googled "whats up with carrot top" and was not given a good enough answer. If her weren't odd looking enough he had to get plastic surgery to make it worse! Gah! I remember thinking he was funny when I was like 12 years old. That's probably about the vintage of your VHS here!

phoneyfresh said...

Yeah, this book's from 1996, when he was in his prime I guess. I really don't know what he's thinking with the plastic surgery! He's probably addicted to it like MJ or Kathy Griffen. What the hell did he do to his eyebrows?! He looks like Chucky from Child's Play. Haha, with the big muscles, he kinda looks like Liono from Thundercats too!!

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