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Feb 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Antiquing Fun!

On Valentines Day I took a trip with my pals Andy and CC to a crazy junk store and a nifty antique mall. While the junk store craziness I will save for another day, here are pics of some of the cool stuff I saw at the antique mall in Williamston, MI. This place was chock full of far out stuff with far out prices to match, so it's more like visiting a museum of  pop culture history than anything. A boy can dream though!

Spin these glasses around and you can see their tushes (and sometimes more)! Unfortunately these were locked up and strategically placed so I didn't have the pleasure.

I kinda liked these Florida guys. I have a fondness for any kind of  vintage souvenirs anyway.

My Grandpa made me a clock exactly like this when I was a little tike. I think it was a kit that you put together yourself. Unfortunately mine broke and I really don't know whatever happened to it. This one brought back good memories.

......And this brought nightmares!

Wowza. These naughty amateur photos were also locked up tight, and cost $15 a pop!

Alrighty then...

Ooh La La!

These original 60's psychedelic concert posters had me drooling all over myself. They were only about $1000 dollars each. Think I'll go pick one up when I get my allowance.

Andy and Colleen stopped to pose by the King Kone stand in Perry, MI on the way home. It was just a teeny bit cold out!

I really didn't find much that day, I did nab one little treasure that I'll share at the end of the week, but all in all I had a lotta fun looking for treasures and hanging with my buds on Valentines day!


Amber Von Felts said...

What you didn't actually get ice cream to enjoy while sitting in the snow! Not even a HOT fudge sundae? I don't think I coulda resisted it myself. That building is adorable! The little ivory lookin' pin-up figurine...did it have any description as to what it was or is from? I have a small chrome replacement knob that is the exact same lil' lady, just from the ta ta's up though! I've always wondered what the heck it was for. Now here she is in Michigan!

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Yaaaaa, that was fun! Now to find the seven story wonder! What a delight!

I'm stealin' that pic! :)

phoneyfresh said...

Ohhh, I woulda got ice cream for sure, but her in MI ice cream stands close for the winter! Booooo! The pin-up girl was actually plastic and about a foot and a half tall. I didn't look to hard to see if it had any markings or info on the tag unfortunately. If I go back I'll research it for ya!