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Jan 12, 2007

Money Mantras Cassette

One thing I will be sharing a lot of on this new blog is weird audio finds, like this cassette I got at a Volunteers of America called Money Mantras by Bob Mandel. It features a weird monotonous guy saying things like "I have enough energy to accomplish everything" over hypnotizing new age music loops. Pretty freaky and funny. I didn't fall under the spell either, just to let you know. I found a guy's site called who I'm pretty confident is the same guy. Pay close attention to the music playing on his site too, it's great!


Sharon Hollis Sutter said...

I am interested in the Money Mantras tape you have. Are you interested in parting with it? Let me know at

The Mother Ship said...

I have this tape - love it - have used it whenever I find I am in a negative money mindset. In fact I am now searching for another copy as my tape is getting near its end time. It is easy to listen too makes me laugh - you don't have to believe it - yet it somehow changes your mindset.

The law of attraction has received some serious research lately. You get what you think - if you think I have no money - I am too broke all the time. Guess what - you become that even more. By changing your thoughts about money, making your thoughts attractive - you attract money. It doesn't have to be vast wealth, I haven't had that yet, I have had an increase in money coming into my life, so my worries are a lot less - still want to listen to the Money Mantras though