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Jan 13, 2007

80's Sticker Book

This summer I picked up this neat piece of nostalgia at a garage sale - A sticker collection from the early to mid 80's. It contains 20 pages of great sticker and really seems to encapsulate the era, featuring stickers of video game heroes, He-man, Transformers, baseball stars and much more! Periodically I'll be sharing the pages from this great book.

This is the cover of the sticker album, note the small price tag in the corner. I think it was well worth $2.50.

Some major 80's pop culture symbols: Skeletor, Michael Jackson, and.....a goose?

A whole collection of puffy monster stickers, I seem to remember these being in gumball machines. I wanna see Skull - Man Vs. The Skull .What a battle that would be!!! I also love the contrast between the monster stickers and the pretty rainbow scenes below them.


DJ DedTony said...

Haha...That stuff reminds me of what all the "cool" kids had stuck on their Trapper Keepers back in '84 or so...Hey, did your school REQUIRE you to bring a cigar box to school to use as a pencil box? haha...Now-days you'd probably get booted out of school for even mentioning that a product used to house tobacco products could have a positive usage...UNLESS, you were talking about blunts and how awesome the rasta movement is...haha..crazy world!

Smurfwreck said...

This is pretty cool. I've been obsessing over 80's stickers lately, thanks for sharing your find.


Jam Master J said...

This was a really fun article - a nice trip down memory-lane. Thanks for posting.