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Jan 25, 2007

"Chunk of Funk" Cassette

From my pile of Salvation Army dumb tape finds the other day. This is a self produced cassette of a group called Chunk of Funk. The insert was printed on a computer and the label on the tape is a sticker. The music is pretty dumb, but be careful - frequent listens might change your mind. Once you get into the groove there's no turning back! These guys are actually good musicians, I wouldn't really call it funk though, more like a cross between smooth jazz, muzak, and soul I guess. The photo is kinda weird for a cover though, whats that weird candelabra behind them? Are they in a dungeon of Funk? See the tape label for song titles. Download two songs below!


Anonymous said...

it's chunky and it's funky!

i bet that tape has stretched though and not true to the original recording.

David Bruce said...

These songs aren't available (or I missed them). Would it be possible to get them again (or the whole cassette album)?