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Jan 29, 2011

Estate Sale Finds Jan 28

Thursday I went to a very cool estate sale with my folks and found a couple nice items but not much. I guess I feel kind of overwhelmed at these sales sometimes and miss out on great stuff that requires a little more searchin' and diggin'. So, I almost always go back later when the crowds have died down and I have a clearer focus....and for the most part, I usually find the best things on my return visit. Here is some of what I found:

 A bunch of 60's-70's Down Beat Magazines. These cover Jazz, Blues and even Rock music. They are a very cool read and have great pictures and ads for vintage music gear. I will be sharing more from these later on.

A big leather wallet. I mean REALLY big at almost 6" long! I have been needing a better wallet anyways and I like these big "pass case" styled ones. 

 A Hot Wheels Trantula Dragster from the 60's. It's a shame that its busted up and missing some parts, but I couldn't pass it up for next to nothin'.

 A couple vintage Gillette razors. The one in back is adjustable. Not sure if these are for sellin' or keepin' yet.

The elusive two-headed Troll doll. Most likely from the 60's or 70's. I've seen a lot of Trolls but never a two-header. Weird! Buried at the bottom of a box of clothes in the attic, I rescued this dude so he could tell his story.

A very psychedelic piece of Beatles sheet music. Oddly enough "And I Love Her" is a very un-psychedelic song from the groups earlier days.

I found a pile of these business cards for the Billy Lewis Quartet. The deceased (Floyd Mooreland of Flint MI) was a sax player (and one hell of a player at that) and played with many groups. I heard that he even played with some of the greats when they rolled through town. I really don't know if the sax player in the pic is him or not though. That leads me to the best of my finds...

A box of 1/4 inch Reel to Reel tapes containing one of a kind live recordings of a group called the Four Gents recorded in 1970 and 1976. These are really great sounding (most likely soundboard) recordings of the group playing jazz, soul, r&b and more. Really an enjoyable listen and hours of it too. One of the best performances I listened to so far was a really smooth jazz interpretation of the Beatles' Eleanor Rigby. There were also literally hundreds of cassettes of live recordings too from later years. I hope that they will get into the right hands and not be lost forever. I'm so glad I went back to the sale!

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Colleen E. Conrad said...

Whoa you found some good stuff!
I've never seen a two headed troll either! I wonder if someone made it?