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Jan 18, 2007

PINBACKS: Hippy Sippy

I got this at a barn sale a few years ago, and always wondered what it was advertising.Wikipedia says this:
Hippy Sippy was a candy introduced in the late 1960s. It derived its name from its packaging: small multi-colored pellets contained in a toy package syringe. The intent was to mimick drug usage in the hippie culture, primarily through the toy syringe being a reminder of heroin, and secondarily through the multi-colored candy being a reminder of uppers and downers. Included was a button with the phrase "Hippy Sippy says I'll try anything!" printed on it.
Hippy Sippy was immediately controversial, and outraged many people, including liberals and leaders of the (then) young generation. It was promptly removed from the market, but is still remembered due to its cultural shock value.
More recently, the name was adopted by saxophonist Hank Mobley for his song Hippy Sippy Blues.
Here's a pic of the original candy/toy. My pin appears to be different, but cooler than the one seen above.

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dedtony said...

haha! WOW, try that now with candy creations called Crack-Snacks or Meth-mallows and the media would have a coronary on the spot! Cool find there...reminds me of a pretty funny Beverly Hillbillies I taped a while back off of WGN where Jethro was hanging out in a park, dressed like Robin Hood while these hippies were constantly asking him about where to get crawdads so they could smoke them...hahaha..The hippies thought the crawdads were like weed or something, rather than being a shrimp like food. The dialogue was pretty awesome on that episode and left me going, "Damn! They could say that back then...ON TV?" Gotta love the good ol' pre-frivolous lawsuit days, the pre"EVERYthing offends me so I need cash to forget it" days....